Popbriefing – A pop star explores the niches of the entertainment music ausCharli XCX finds themselves further, The 1975 have confirmed their Status as Popchamäleon.Mathias Möller0 comment, Charli XCX, here at an appearance in the United States in the year 2017. Photo: Keystone

This is a must-hear.

The English Popchamäleon has released his fourth Album. As with The 1975 usual, happens in a impressive 80 minutes of playing time a whole lot: The almost traditionally self-titled opening track, a musical talk by climate activist Greta Thunberg, glides by means of “Wake Up, Wake Up”Call in the verrockte “People”. There are ambient (“Streaming”), Pop (“The Birthday Party”), Acoustic (“Jesus Christ 2005 God Bless America”) and even Raviges (“Shiny Collarbone”). “This is totally arbitrary!”, the critic says. “This is an Album for the post milleniale multi-option society!”, the Fan says.

Also, Charli XCX is open on your new Album, “How I’m Feeling Now” options: Between the dirty dancing of the “Pink Diamond” and the pop brilliance of “Forever” are all of ten seconds to Transition. On their fourth Album, the Englishwoman explores further the niches between chart music and avant-garde Pop. It is a joy.

Who finds it too hectic, is in good hands with Owen Pallett good. The Violinist strikes up on the “Island” is much quieter tones, his pieces are orchestrated accustomed to loving. Music to come down.

It is spoken.

unfortunately We have to come back to Xavier Naidoo. He is a fan of conspiracy theories, and, among other things, the Coronavirus as an excuse to enslave the Germans, unfortunately, is only the tip of the iceberg. For years, he is close to the extreme right-wing Reich citizens ‘ movement, and makes racist and homophobic statements from the talk. In the last few days, the downward spiral of a formerly successful singer accelerated once more: Now he represents on Telegram is of the view that the earth is flat, and aliens there are not really, they were in reality under the earth. What can one say?

The Swiss window

The World is not enough: After Psycho’n’Odds published in the January the Album “Radiation World”, afterwards comes only four months later, the EP “Radiation Universe”. Buds Penseur by La Base, and a Native of S. O. S. bridge once more playing the Röstigraben. Bouge la tête, as they say in the Romandie.

they are gone.

The end of the eighties was a good time for Ethnopop. Mory Kanté from Guinea landed at that time with “Yéké Yéké” a worldwide hit, in Switzerland, his Album “Akwaba Beach” in 1988, stood at the top of the Charts, his biggest Hit made it to number two in the singles charts. He died last Friday at the age of 70 years in his homeland.

Also Friday, and also at the age of 70 years died in the City-drummer Klaus Selmke. The rock band from East Berlin, was taken over as part of the pop music’s archival heritage of the GDR in the German Canon. Her most famous piece, “At the window”, was published in 1972. Selmke succumbed to a cancer suffering.

Astrid Kirchherr, the influential woman in the early career of the Beatles was. She documented as a photographer, not just the Hamburger years, the then five-member world-stars-in-waiting, she created the mushroom head Look, you missed first your boyfriend at the time, the fifth Beatle, Stuart Sutcliffe,. The Church the Lord died on the 12. May, in her birth city on the Elbe. An obituary you will find in the süddeutsche Zeitung.

The piece

if you like it nerdy and bass-heavy, this is a short documentary about the Sinai Soundsystem from Sheffield to heart. Sound systems are mobile discos, which were in the fifty years of Jamaican popular. From there, they came in the Sixties and seventies, even after the United Kingdom. Huw Williams runs the Sinai sound system with pleasure on the good Party of the old originals and the claim of a high-quality Sound. Best you listen to the documentary with the head.

week track

The week soundtrack, and perhaps a realization from the Lockdown, is a bit of a sour dough approach: You have to feed them regularly in order to remain alive. In the last few days she has been freshened up with a Rap of the Future, with the relaxed Grooves of Khruangbin and the ultimate anthem to Corona in the United States by Jeffrey Lewis.

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