the Inhabitants of a house in the Us state of California looked at on Monday in horror at a terrible sight that it is their deurbelcamera the night had to be filmed. She contacted the police immediately, who will flock to the call, responded, and there is a touch held for the woman and her attacker to be found. The man was eventually identified as a 27-year-old Robert Michael Mendez, the ex-boyfriend of the woman.

the Cops were inside the house of the husband of the woman in the video, against her will, it was held in. She was seriously injured and was taken to the hospital. Her condition is still critical, and it is not clear whether she will recover.

Mendez was arrested and charged with, inter alia, attempted murder, and kidnapping. The investigation is in progress, but it is not known what the man possessed omzijn ex in such a violent way to carry out. According to the local law enforcement officer, he was previously arrested for domestic violence. That he should on Wednesday appear before the judge.

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