10 smells that repel mosquitoes


We had almost forgotten their existence during the long winter months… But the mosquitoes are back, and not just a little. In some departments, it is even necessary to be extra vigilant in the face of the massive deployment of the tiger mosquito, which can be a vector of serious infections.

These little flying beasts have a knack for ruining our summers, with their bites occurring at any time of the day and night. Many French people have thus become inveterate mosquito hunters, and never keep their sprayer too far away.

Except that this week, faced with the unprecedented heat wave that the country is experiencing, pharmacies are overwhelmed by the demand for these products.

You could therefore find yourself helpless in the face of the proliferation of these very annoying diptera.

The solution ? Natural smells! As a mist, in oils to diffuse or in potpourri, certain scents are formidable in repelling mosquitoes. Discover 10 of them in our slideshow.

On the other hand, there are many smells that will on the contrary attract mosquitoes like flies! This is the case, for example:

Do not leave these foods out in the open, at the risk of having you literally invaded. Finally, to prevent these little creatures from entering your home as much as possible, close your windows at dusk, and limit the use of light fixtures, which can attract them inside.

Finally, a mosquito net can be a serious ally for spending a peaceful night in the middle of summer… and no longer waking up covered in bites.