A job at the Kunsthaus in Zurich? – Wanted: Fresh air for a class Museum


A job at the Kunsthaus in Zurich? – Wanted: Fresh air for a class Museum, Christoph Becker, the Director of the Kunsthaus Zürich, retires in 2022. The honorable house is looking for a new leader. What he or she will need to bring with me? We have already designed a job profile. Christoph Heim0 KommentareDas the Kunsthaus in Zurich is looking for a Director, or a Director by the end of 2022. As it comes out? Is open.Photo: Thomas Egli We are:

The Kunsthaus Zürich will be catapulted with the extension of Chipperfield, opens in 2021, in the top group of European art museums. With the Bührle collection it features a unique treasure that is likely to be an audience magnet of the first order.

We are looking for:

An initiative that is internationally networked personality with profound knowledge in art history. Open and transparent communication to the outside and inwardly prepared for the new Director or the new Director no trouble.

We love:

If art personalities such as Kathleen Bühler, Max Hollein, Sam Keller, Udo Kittelmann, Hans Ulrich Obrist and Susanne Pfeffer, Marc Spiegler, Reto Thüring, Nina rooms apply.

We offer:

is A Spitzensalär, which is far above the median for Museum Directors in Switzerland, is expected to amount to 11’250 francs per month, of course.


the Kunsthaus Zurich is a Hotspot on the European Museum map, the regularly by relevant exhibitions, not only local or regional, but also international attention.

That the Director, the Director of the Kunsthaus decided with more passion than the owner, who is not afraid of the Public, so much so that you wished he had not declared his resignation until the end of 2022.

the new line with a smart recruitment policy, and a group of outstanding exhibition of fresh air to creators in a Museum, the critical voices said that it had lost under the current leadership of its former glory completely.

with communicative skill to new and old lenders, and donors are obtained for the Museum, so the Museum’s collection with high-quality work groups, extended and rounded off can be.

That absolutely all of the paintings are not checked for their authenticity, so that the Museum comes in the shameful Situation, the need to degrade a “real” Titian, an “attributed to” Titian, as was recently the case.

That drawings by artists such as Harald Naegeli, even if they are sprayed on the outside wall of the Museum, will never be destroyed.

That the recruitment policy is transparent and not in the Ruch may come to that at the Museum friends or Acquaintances are the preferred, even if this is legally allowed.

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