World-wide Ranking, ETH Zurich, in the Top 10Gleich two Swiss universities in an international ranking of the top places. In particular, an area of Switzerland could improve its Position.1 Kommentar1Die ETH Zurich landed behind universities from the US and the UK to sixth place.KEYSTONEDie EPFL Lausanne came on the 14. Place.Keystone course 1 was ranked the Massachusetts Institute of technology.KEYSTONE1 / 3

The ETH Zurich and the EPFL Lausanne in the rankings of the best universities in the world as one of the top places. The ETH Zürich was able to maintain its sixth place, while the EPFL was a four ranks, and to find now on place 14.

the ETH Zurich and the EPFL are the leading universities in continental Europe, such as the international writes renowned higher education consulting company Quacquarelli Symonds (QS), in a communication to the annual Rankings on Wednesday.

The first four places, the American universities Massachusetts Institute of technology (assign), Stanford University, Harvard University and the California Institute of Technology, followed by the British University of Oxford.

Ten of the Top 1000

the other Swiss universities in the QS Ranking. In total, there were ten universities in Switzerland, one of the best 1000 universities. This is a more than in the previous year. In the ranking of the Università della Svizzera Italiana, which made the leap on rank 273 managed.

places in the University of Zurich, which is now at rank 69 (previous year 76) could make up for it. Also, the universities in Geneva (rank 106 according to previously 110), Bern (rank 114 after the previous square, 123) and Basel (rank 149 to place 151) were able to improve.

the universities in Lausanne (ranked 169 after the previous place, 153) and in St. Gallen (rank 428 to place 398) have fallen. The Rankings are based on the world’s most widely consulted and referred to sources on the performance of universities.

Excellent working environment

Swiss universities would continue to be successful, – quotes the message Ben Sowter, the Director of research of QS. Students, faculty, and industry in Switzerland to be in one of the best research systems in the world at home.

This power plant is based on a high degree of internationalization. This is both a Testament to the attractiveness of the country for top students and professors around the world as well as a factor for his outstanding research. In order to improve further, you should find the Swiss higher education paths, in order to improve the teaching capacity.

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