Controversial scientist – An infection Loge, the promises of the French miracle, viruses are one of the special areas by Didier Raoult. In the Corona-crisis, he was already several times wrong. The extreme right celebrates it.Nadia Pantel from Paris0 KommentareEr is called the “Renegade”, the “scholars of Marseilles”: A man carries the portrait of Didier Raoult.Photo: Christophe Petit Tesson (EPA)

In regular intervals, Didier Raoult switches to attack. This week he took Paris to the visor or the main medical institutions of France. Because anyone who criticizes here the capital, says the Central government and the circle of the most Powerful in the country. For a Covid-19 affected patients, the probability to die in Paris is five times higher than in Marseille, said Raoult. The cast of “very serious questions on how the epidemic in this part of France” will be dealt with.

Raoult’s infection Loge and Professor of Microbiology, 2010 he was awarded one of France’s most important science prizes, the “Grand Prix de l’inserm”. Viruses are one of his specialties. His other area of expertise is the steep Thesis.

people stand in line

If Raoult (68) highlights the low mortality in Marseille, without to the fact that Paris is much denser populated than the metropolis on the Mediterranean sea, then this happens for no reason. Marseille is Raoults medical Kingdom. Here he has founded in 2011 with more than 70 million euros in state funding the Institute, the infectious disease specialist IHU Méditerranée Infection.

On the pavement in front of the clinic, the people in this weeks queue. Each will be tested on Covid-19 and treated, says Raoult. In his clinic, you are not doing research on a vaccine, they prescribe the concomitant use of the well-known Antimalarial hydroxychloroquine, and of the antibiotic Azithromycin. In times of fear and uncertainty Raoult are the optimists. He calls himself the “Renegade”, the “scholars from Marseille” or: “I’m no Outsider, I’m ahead of the others.”

Lack of method,

This self-assessment has proved to be daring. In January Raoult, said that the Coronavirus would not die in France, more than 10’000 people. Meanwhile, the number of dead is more than 28’000. In April, he said, the Virus will disappear by itself when the spring start. In France currently daily 500 new infections reported.

As Raoult in mid-March announced that he could cure Covid-19, he had conducted a study with 24 easy-diseased patients, without a control group and not randomised. Doctors and virologists criticize not only his lack of method, but also that he will be attacked on the side-effects of the celebrated drug of silence (including the heart). Raoult called his critics “children” amuse him””.

That hydroxychloroquine now, however, the reputation of the miracle by means of ahead of, had less to do with its (non-treated) effectiveness as to the fascination with powerful men for the drug. Since a couple of days, US President, Donald Trump occupies the active ingredient, a preventive. Raoults Mini-study was in the hands of a Fox News presenter. The President and his favorite stations outbid each other for two months, in singing the praises of hydroxychloroquine. Raoult promises, what Trump is in every Situation the most: a simple solution.

Trump and Bolsonaro are thrilled

Not only is Trump a passion for Raoults therapy, including Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro is a Fan, in France, the extreme right celebrates it. Raoult staged in the media, so, how you do it best: as a thinker, to tell the people the truth, the “secret Elite”. In the magazine “Paris Match” accuses Raoult science “homogeneous” Thinking. He was a philosopher and “escape from politically correct Thinking.”

Also on the outside, uses Raoult on the rebel image: the long dishevelled hair, a skull ring on your Finger. This, however, is “no rock ring,” says Raoult, but the reminder that everyone has to die sometime.

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