To mark its opposition to the pension reform, the CGT-Chimie had chosen to tackle supply at the pump in early March 2023. Since mid-April and the decision of the Constitutional Council to validate the pension reform, the refineries are back in operation. However, several departments are still in a situation of shortage. This Wednesday, May 3, 2023, 5% of service stations lack one or more fuels.

At the height of the mobilization, before the first requisitions imposed by the government, no fuel left 6 of the 8 refineries in France. Although the various blockages have been lifted, the situation is struggling to return to normal because it takes time to restart production, specifies Le Figaro.

If shipments were able to restart on Tuesday April 11 in the Gonfreville-l’Orcher refinery (Seine-Maritime), the infrastructures, which had been shut down since March 21, took one to two weeks to return to their normal rhythm, according to FranceInfo. The observation is the same in all the places previously blocked by the strikers.

Since the start of the blockages, the supply difficulties have varied from one department to another. Some regions particularly affected in March are now out of the woods, while others are beginning to experience shortages.

Find out in our slideshow below which departments are in total or partial shortage this Wednesday, May 3, according to Le Figaro.