Presidential elections in the United States – Biden Vice-presidential candidate compensates for his flaw of addiction, several women are in the race for Joe Biden’s “running mate”. His weak point are the young, left-wing voters and Latinos. Often the Name of Kamala Harris falls.Hubert Wetzel from Washington0 KommentareDie speculation bloom: The democratic Senator Kamala Harris is considered to be viable candidate for Vice President: Joe Biden and Harris on the occasion of an event in September 2019 at Texas Southern University in Houston.KEYSTONE

The list was quite long, it is said, in some Reports, a dozen or so names stand now for it. Not true, the list was in truth fairly brief, reports, other media, or at most two or three people would call opportunities values. That sounds confusing, but so it goes every four years in the United States, if a presidential candidate is looking for a Vice-presidential candidate.

the name appear, the name will disappear, the speculation bloom. So why should it be this year, with Joe Biden in a different way? Where: As sure is the fact that the democratic presidential candidate is looking for a Deputy candidate. A woman should be: The Biden promised some time ago, when it became clear that the party would again move in with a man at the top in the battle for the White house. Unanswered the question: What woman is?

new England aristocrat Kennedy chose southerner

There are, when it comes to the selection of a suitable running mate, a traditional school of thought. After that, the Vice is there a political taint of the main candidates to balance. This may be the geographical origin, and therefore, for example, new England aristocrats like John F. Kennedy, and John Kerry in their election campaigns will have to choose a southerner from Texas, respectively, South Carolina as a Vice slowing.

But there are still a number of other characteristics that should be balanced by means of the Deputy candidates – age, gender, ideological orientation, political experience. The Texas provincials George W. Bush made the Washington Insider Dick Cheney to the Vice. The old Washington Insider John McCain sought to turn the young Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, the hillbilly ignorance “should be refreshing”.

The controversial wife Hillary Clinton pulled out with the concrete sound man Tim Kaine into the race. Donald Trump, in the Political as in Private, an airhead, and sought out the staid, sanctimonious Mike Pence. And the young black Senator Barack Obama made the veteran white Senator Joe Biden to be his Vice.

A classic social Democrat

Now Biden is faced with the question, what are his flaws, he would balance with which Deputy candidate. Since he is a 77 years old white man, it would speak in favour, to appoint, for example, Kamala Harris to Vice, the 55-year-old Senator from California, the daughter of Indian-Jamaican immigrants. That Biden is, in ideological terms, a Moderate, he could be corrected by the selection of a representative of the left party wing of the Democrats. As a classic social Democrat, would be especially Senator Elizabeth Warren,.

However, the Democrats would lose a seat in the Senate when Warren Vice-President would. And: she is as white as Biden. For a party that wants America’s ethnic diversity reflects, this is a Problem. This is also true for Amy Klobuchar (white), which has been asking, according to media reports, Biden, and for Gretchen Whitmer (white). The Senator from Minnesota or the Governor of Michigan could help Biden to win in November, the major (and predominantly white) States in the Midwest, where voters are ideologically moderate politicians prefer. But actually, Biden should do this alone. His political brand essence is ultimately to be a reasonable middle-Democrat.

Biden wants a Vice President that supported him unconditionally on the basis of friendship, as he has previously supported Obama.

Biden’s weak point, that showed in the primaries, a clear, young, left-wing voters and Latinos. Seen in this way, it would be for him, therefore, perhaps better, Stacey Abrams to select, a black politician from Georgia and an icon of the progressive party wing. On the other hand: America’s Black in the primaries fixed to Biden. On the speculative list of potential Deputy candidates policies are, therefore, from the southwest of the USA, the Latin-American roots, such as Catherine Cortez Masto, a Senator from Nevada.

2008, she won the presidential election: The young, black Senator Barack Obama made the long-serving Senator Joe white Biden to be his Vice.Photo: Pablo Martinez Monsivais (AP)

But perhaps Biden thinks quite differently. People that know him, say that for him, loyalty and a close personal connection, the key criteria for selection will be. Biden wants a Vice President that supported him unconditionally on the basis of friendship, as he has previously supported Obama.

in Addition, it has to let Biden know that he will take care of a woman with significant political experience to select. Biden knows that he is approaching 80 and probably, at most, a term of office lasts. He should win the election, as he expressed it, he would be for the democratic party only a “bridge” on the way in the future. Biden’s Vice-President is supposed to be according to his will in the position to assume at any time the President – or in four years, his political inheritance.

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