Back to school 2022: 4 tips for getting children back to school


A few weeks before classes resume, it’s time to take stock of the good habits to adopt so that your children are in good shape and as late as possible. Screens, food, sleep: here are 4 tips to help your children get back into the rhythm before the start of the school year.

The fall is approaching. Picking up the pace, setting up new rules, it is not easy to make people understand that the holidays are over. A few simple things need to be done to help them start a new school year.

The time spent in front of screens (television, computer, video games, etc.) is one of the main factors in the disruption of sleep rhythm. It is therefore important to limit this time as much as possible. The rhythm of the screens has an impact on that of sleep. It is important to regulate its use in the family. Children need to see pictures, be entertained and communicate. But they also need to sleep and rest. For this, it is advisable to set rules and limit the duration of viewing screens. It is recommended to set limits in terms of duration (no more than one hour per day) and age (above two years, no more than ten minutes per day).

Food is also an important element to allow the child to feel fit. It is recommended to favor fruits and vegetables and to limit sugars and fats. Mealtimes are important to regulate the rhythm of the child. They allow you to keep a good concentration and to work well. Children need three meals a day and two snacks. Hours should not be too far apart. Try to eat all together as often as possible.

Sleep is also a key element for good form and a good return to school. For the child to sleep well, it is recommended to respect a certain rhythm: one hour before bedtime, turn off the screens and limit physical activities. In the evening, before going to bed, children need calm. For this, it is advisable to set up rituals. The ideal is to read a story, do a quiet activity or take a bath. This will make it easier for them to fall asleep. “It’s important because that way, his biological clock will not be disturbed when the alarm clock rings on the first day of school. Regular awakenings are the key to a good rhythm. It is imperative to couple them with reasonable bedtimes” , explains Professor Davennes at the microphone of France Inter.

Finally, to help the child get back into the rhythm, it is important to offer him regular activities: physical activities, but also intellectual activities (reading, writing, mathematics, etc.). It is also important to give children physical activity so that they are active and tired. This will also help them sleep easily.

The rhythm of holidays is generally different from that of everyday life. Children are used to spending time with their parents, getting up and going to bed late, not doing homework, and not following a strict routine. The start of the new school year is often a difficult period because they have to adapt to a new rhythm, find the schedules of school and extracurricular activities, and comply with stricter rules. Good luck !