Montreal is one of 22 cities that will host a traveling exhibition bringing together 80 works by the artist Banksy, known for his anonymity. The event is however held without the authorization of Banksy himself.

Hurry if you want tickets since the exhibition will only last three days from September 8 to 10.

Tickets sell for $29. The only information available to the public is on the website www. banksyland. com.

Like Banksy’s unpredictability, the location is being kept secret for now. Only one postal code, H2L 2A5, is announced, i.e. the area around the intersection of rue de la Visitation and boulevard de Maisonneuve.

Ticket holders will know the exact location only one to two weeks before the exhibition.

One thing is certain, we promise more than 80 pieces and immersive multimedia installations that allow you to relive Banksy’s ephemeral brilliance. There are also announcements of salvaged street art.

Banksyland is produced by Lumio Studio and One Thousand Ways. According to the Los Angeles Times report, it looks promising.