He remains to this day the youngest champion of the 12 noon shots. In 2019, Paul El Kharrat was 19 years old when the public discovered him in Jean-Luc Reichmann’s game. In 153 participations, the history student amazed viewers with his general culture until he pocketed 691,522 euros in winnings and gifts.

Since this sudden media coverage, Paul El Kharrat has recounted his journey in a first book in 2020, published by Harper Collins editions. The following year, the ex-candidate revealed to us his passion for news items in his second book Crimes and Mysteries of Paris. “Criminology is a subject that interests me a lot,” he confided in particular to Planet.

However, game shows are never far away in the life of Paul El Kharrat. When he’s not telling historical anecdotes in Les Grosses Têtes with Laurent Ruquier’s band on RTL, the writer and columnist, diagnosed with Asperger’s autism, reveals the extent of his knowledge in other programs: Le Club des invincibles on France 2, Le Grand Quiz by Hélène Mannarino TF1 and on M6 in Who can beat us?

What if we offered you to measure your knowledge against the unstoppable champion? For the occasion, Paul El Kharrat has just launched Le Défi!, a game book made up of 150 puzzles and quizzes for all levels. “Culture questions for the whole family, from a simple quiz for the shy to ‘Wikipaul’s glue’ for the most expert”, with “commented solutions” by Paul El Kharrat in collaboration with Julie Pujos, the book tells us.

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Through its 95 pages of games, you will have plenty of time to discover the varied themes between history, inventions and discoveries, languages ​​and literature or even unusual records. Will you be stronger than Paul? We have selected a few questions for you to rack your brains. Up to you !

Le Défi, Paul El Kharrat, with the collaboration of Julie Pujos, published on May 3, 2023 by Harper Collins Editions (9.90 euros)