The Us president, Donald Trump has made the European nations on Friday called on its citizens to return and to take on the Islamic State are connected, and which is now being held captive in the camps of the Kurdish forces in the north-east of Syria.

Thousands of foreign fighters from 80 countries have joined ISIS after the terror group in 2014, large parts of Syria and Iraq is occupied. The fate of the soldiers and their families is an urgent matter of since the group released earlier this year, the reports stated. Some of the children were repatriated, but the European countries don’t like seeing fighters will return, which it decided to join the extremist group to close the locks.

“At any given moment, I have to say, ” either take them back or leave them off at your border,” said Trump, on Friday, in the Oval Office of the White House. In the United States do not want to have to pay for the cost of the detention of “thousands and thousands” of fighters, said the president. “They came mostly from Europe,” he said of the foreign fighters of IS.

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