This summer, 54% of French people will take the road for vacation in August, said a study by ADN Tourisme at the end of June. The Augustians are traditionally always a little more numerous than the Julyists each summer: this would be due, among other things, to the generally lower prices during the last month of the summer holidays.

This year, 85% of French people also planned to spend their holidays in France, and in particular… at the sea. Whatever the coastline, France is full of sublime beaches where you can breathe in the sea air while basking in the pill.

And if, as for 87% of French people polled by, sunbathing on holiday and lounging around the pool seems like a great way to relax and escape reality on holiday, you better know its 9 unusual but very useful information, which you will be able to put into practice on your favorite beach this month. Discover them in our slideshow.

We feel little in front of the immensity of the sea and the oceans; it is perhaps also what helps us to recharge our batteries on vacation.

Geologist Eric Chaumillon, a researcher at the University of La Rochelle, tried to quantify this magnitude several years ago, estimating that there were 200 million billion grains of sand on the planet. According to him, since a grain would average 1 cubic mm, and that the volume of sand on a global scale is “1% of the volume of the earth’s crust, which itself represents 1% of that of the Earth.

As for water, we know that the planet is made up of more than 70%. What we don’t know is that there are no less than 10 million viruses in a milliliter of seawater, says Ca m’intrigues. But there is no need to worry: “they would only be pathogenic for aquatic fauna, from plankton to whales”, adds the media.