Unknown to the general public, the Olympic mogul ski champion Perrine Laffont stood out in Fort Boyard. During the last challenge of her team, made up of swimmer Alain Bernard, the couple of sports influencers Juju Fitcats and Tibo InShape, presenter Alex Goude, ex-rugby player Vincent Clerc and former Koh Lanta candidate Freddy, she had to confront his phobia of reptiles to win.

The challenge of the Forbidden Library is to crawl under the floor of a room full of snakes to extract a grimoire, and thus recover the last clue of the show. Problem: Perrine Laffont has a panic fear of snakes. When the ordeal is mentioned, she winces. “I really expect the worst. It’s really something I have a phobia about. It can freak me out. I think it’s the fear of being bitten, the way he moves or how he could get on top of me, it really disgusts me, ”explains the skier facing the camera. So when Olivier Minne announces her name, she becomes disillusioned.

If the mere sight of the snakes makes her cry to the edge of tears, Perrine Laffont manages to drag the work to the hole in the floor, retrieve it and crawl back to her team, just in time to succeed. the test. “It was horrible, it shows I think in my head,” she breathes, applauded by her teammates. “I thought of the team, the children” of the association Premiers de cordée, for which his team played. “It’s the Fort Boyard spirit, you went beyond your limits”, congratulates Olivier Minne. Earlier in the show, the skier showed off her athletic performance in the “surfing” event on a cable balanced above the sea. She also stood out against the masters of time in the event. pieces to drop into the water without overflowing the green liquid. A faultless performance for the ski champion.

At the end of the show, the team finally had a great performance: the 18,560 euros raised for the benefit of the association Premiers de cordée, which offers sports activities to children with disabilities. The record amount will be used to organize introductions to sport for hospitalized children as well as awareness-raising actions with communities and businesses.