Sometimes, life deals you a bad hand. If you find yourself in the middle of a difficult situation, it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel.


But now is not the time for despair.


There’s always a way to make the best of the worst situation. Sometimes you just need perspective and a gentle nudge in the right direction.


Here are five ways to overcome hardship and look towards a brighter future.


#1 Accept Your Challenges

You won’t get anywhere if you bury your head in the sand. Start by accepting your present circumstances. This way, you can take a step back and look at the situation with perspective. Is there anything within your control? If so, can you make a plan to implement realistic changes?


Once you calmly approach your problems, you’ll enhance your ability to search for a solution. Remember, it may take time to resolve, and that’s okay.


It’s all part of the process.


#2 Get Creative

Brainstorm with abandon! Don’t be afraid to test the outer limits of your creativity. Sometimes you need to think outside-the-box to come up with a plan to move forward.


Here’s how to shake up your sticky situation:

  • Write it Down – Invest in a journal and some pens and write down what you’re feeling. Processing in this way illuminates new possibilities and allows you to reflect on your emotions.
  • Make Mistakes – It’s okay if you make mistakes along the way. You won’t figure it out overnight. Just be patient with yourself and know that you’re giving it your best.
  • Take a Walk – We’re serious. Sometimes fresh air and sunshine are the key ingredients of problem-solving. Stepping outside boosts your mood and increases your overall energy, so you’re ready to engage with your challenges.


#3 Ask for Help

Don’t be afraid to call a friend or tell your family members what’s going on. You shouldn’t feel like you need to shoulder this burden alone. Talking with friends and family adds perspective to difficult situations and connecting with a loved one eases loneliness.


Sometimes, even smiling improves your mood and lightens the load.


When advice from friends and family isn’t sufficient, consider speaking with a therapist. Talking with a professional can feel more comfortable if you’re dealing with difficult emotions. If you’re navigating an interpersonal challenge, consider going to a couples therapist so you and your partner can both participate in the conversation.

#4 Be Kind to Yourself

Practice kind self-talk. You won’t get anywhere if you’re constantly perpetuating negative thoughts. Extend the same patience and understanding to yourself as you would to a good friend.

In addition to adopting a positive attitude, try incorporating some soothing routines:


  • Take a Bath – A long soak in the tub is just the thing to calm a worried mind. Toss in a bath bomb from Lush—infused with calming essential oils—for an extra lux treatment.
  • Eat Well – We know that when you’re feeling down, nothing sounds better than cheese puffs and ice cream. But consider how bad your body will feel after a junk-food binge. Instead, get a fresh-pressed juice or smoothie (and make sure you eat your vegetables!).
  • Take Supplements for Anxiety – Try incorporating some supplements from CBDfx to reduce anxiety. CBD promotes restful sleep and relaxation, so you’ll start each day ready to tackle anything.


#5 Practice Gratitude

Practice feeling grateful for all the wonderful things you do have in your life. Maybe you’re glad you have a cozy house or a loyal dog. Maybe your gratitude is for each breath you take. This is a great way to center yourself and live in the present moment.


Practices like yoga and meditation help ground you and bring your attention to the bounty you have in life. Even when life feels dire, there’s always room to count your blessings.

It’s All Temporary

Remember, your life is in constant flux. Things shift and change, and your relationship with your challenges will evolve too. What might seem like the worst situation today could shift by tomorrow. And if it doesn’t, know that you have the fortitude to weather the storm.