Analysis of the dispute, Trump vs. Twitter – The division is fully nThe Entzweihung between Twitter and the US get President Trump was inevitable. It also shows what happens to a country that shares no common Basis of truth and facts and more.Opinion Stefan Kornelius66 Kommentare66Bedient the whole world via Twitter with information, opinions, and sometimes insults: U.S. President Donald Trump.KEYSTONE

In the case of the analysis of the relationship between cleaner wrasse and reef shark must first be clarified, which of the two animals, for the true shark and whether the shark one day you could get an appetite for the cleaning of fish. Symbiotic relationships are based namely on partnership and mutual Benefit. If, however, this Benefit is not guaranteed, then theoretically, any plaster fish could discover the shark and the Partner eat want.

Donald Trump and Twitter are such a symbiosis, which is about to lose its purpose (to report). Trump and Twitter insane messages from the President fall after a series of on top of each other and clarify your shark cleaning fish ratio – a belated, albeit inevitable development in a presidency, which would not have been, in all its excesses without the communication medium imaginable.

Trumps dependence on the applause and the fear in his 80-million-Followers-bladder, be-centered communication practices, to be a parallel universe, with the blue birds – all of which had to go the speed of the Trump and burn in the scorching madness of the man at the top of the USA.

That it took so long until the shark cleaning fish scandal has to do with the American military culture and the understanding of Freedom in the United States, which is miles away from the rules for communication and decorum that prevail in Europe. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram may be understood as a global media, in your heart, you tick, of course, American, which makes for many years, conflicts over the boundaries of freedom of expression and insult to freedom. In the USA, the tolerance threshold is low and to the right with a generous, even in dealing with lies and truth. Even if Twitter sets limits and now a short message to the US President warning has to be provided, even if Google scours its search results, even if Facebook curated and airs – the corporations have placed your American Geburtsgen never and the responsibility for truth and decency in its content, never really accepted.

There is an inclined plane, whose slope is now the case, Trump shows: Too powerful the man is, not to denounce his abuse of the medium only, but also simply could delete it. Free speech is also the freedom to be able to a Moderator as a killer, call, or spread cheerful lies for the postal ballot. Of course, Twitter has the nerve to lock to less important customers – and fall into a credibility trap in which a communication company really can’t survive.

This is the true nightmare, however, relates to each society, communicating freely with each other and cohesion of the conversation is defined. Trump, Twitter, USA: to show what happens with a community that shares no common Basis of truth and facts and more. This society breaks down and retreats into her own communication bubble. Twitter, Facebook & co. have accelerated this social Erosion. In the USA, the cleavage is perfect. Maybe the birds must now decide which side it may, in the future, Twitter.

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