The egg is a must in French cuisine. Regardless of the form in which it is consumed, it appeals to almost the entire population. According to a survey conducted by CSA for the Egg Interprofession (CNPO), 99% of French people say they consume eggs. “More than 9 out of 10 (91%) do it at least once a week, compared to 84% in 2019”, reports the Agro-media site.

If this food is an essential for 86% of the French, it is also because it can be declined in multiple forms. Here are your three favorite recipes:

As reported by the Femme Actuelle website, there are three rules for successful eggs every time:

To make your favorite eggs even easier, it is possible to cook them in the microwave.

In the slideshow below, discover 5 Current Woman recipes to prepare her eggs without using your hotplates.

To know if your eggs are still fresh, you just have to pay attention to the laying date of the latter. The expiry date is always set at 28 days after this date.

In fact, you can store your eggs for a month or even a month and a half after laying.

To test the freshness of your eggs, it is possible to carry out the salad bowl test. To do this, you need to submerge your eggs in a bowl filled with cold water:

For young children, pregnant women and immunocompromised people, it is best to rely on the expiry date of the egg to take no risks.