The drought currently affecting France is leading many individuals to rethink their daily drinking water consumption. Either, by obligation: to save the precious resource, many municipalities have imposed restrictions on its use on their inhabitants. Or, out of conscience, ecological… even economical. Because water, in addition to becoming increasingly scarce, has a price.

On average, the French pay 516 euros per year for their water bill. This amounts to 43 euros per month. But there are many regional disparities.

If on average, therefore, a cubic meter of water costs 4.30 euros, in some departments, its price rises beyond 6 euros…

In France, there is no fixed price for the cubic meter of water at the national level.

Each locality determines its own cost, depending on several factors, specifies, in particular:

Thus, people pay more for their water in the North and West of France than in the South and East, for example. In our slideshow, discover the departments where the water bill is much more expensive than elsewhere.

In addition, here are the 5 departments where water costs the least, according to the latest report from the Observatory of Public Water and Sanitation Services, relayed by Capital: