Here is the other star of the Casta family. For several weeks, Marie-Ange Casta has been on screen in the fantastic series Visions, the finale of which is broadcast this Monday, May 30 on TF1. At the heart of this fiction, the younger sister of Laetitia Casta plays a mother confronted with the strange visions of her son Diego, played by the young Léo Durieux.

“I was seduced by the story itself, carried by Akim Isker, a director whom I like enormously, in whom I have complete confidence and with whom I wanted to work”, assured Marie-Ange Casta with Télé 7 Jours. An unprecedented challenge for the young thirty-year-old who took on her “first role as a mother”, she who became a mother at just 23 years old. “There was then a gap between my personal life and what was projected on me as an actress”.

Model in her early days, then stylist and actress, Marie-Ange Casta teems with projects and leads her professional career brilliantly. Like her fictional partner Louane Emera, also a young mother who will soon be a sworn in The Voice Kids, the wife of comedian Marc-Antoine Le Bret confides in her role as a mother with her two daughters, born in 2013 and 2020. I very often wonder if my presence, my intervention is relevant, or if I should let them do their experiments”, she assured our colleagues.

“I am a mother who communicates a lot and who is very attentive. I try to let them live their life without suffocating them. I am there when they need it, if there is a difficulty, to guide them. , if they have a doubt, and to catch up with them when there is a miss, because there is bound to be!”, smiles the actress who knew how to take advantage of this approach to establish this fictitious mother-son relationship with Léo Durieux. “I had the keys to get closer to him in a sincere way”.

A key figure in cinema, television and fashion, Marie-Ange Casta is popular with the French. From festivals to social events, she shines with elegance as soon as she walks the red carpet. The proof in pictures with an anthology of its beautiful appearances through our slideshow.