After six years diploma and two years master degree course so far: With the end of the 20 lived Julia back in with mom and dad! The graphic designer had moved out after high school, by no means reluctantly. As nice as it was to get two warm meals a day, fresh Laundry in the closet to be found and every Problem to help the parents of: Julia longed for the first own place and a wild student life.

But Oh! In the last two years of their studies mentioned the lecturers on an almost weekly basis, that you should make no great hopes of a permanent, if not permanent contract, so it is now time in this industry.

And so it was then, unfortunately. After 50 unsuccessful applications in three months, Juliet was finally glad to make a company a is responsible for the offered. It’s better than nothing, it would have then, but at least the foot in the door and would save your resume is a further gap. But the pay was bad, to cope with a big-city rent.

“No Problem. You pull back a“

fortunate that your parents lived in a self-aligning proximity. “No Problem,” he said. “You move again.” Julia had to swallow. But since they had to now! Faster than I thought Julia lived back in your old nursery, picked up friendships from the past and enjoyed the all-Round carefree package of parental care.

After a few months, she heard, as her mother said to her father: “Hopefully a permanent position. We wanted to do from your room is actually a gym! And since I cook every night, did you like the food.“ Because she knew it was time to go. Because even parents deserve a life after the child.