In the business with the operators of large vehicle, the Volkswagen AG fleets in Germany, the market leader. Many companies rely on the Wolfsburg-based group with a total of 13 brands. Also the service vehicles of many ministries and authorities, state or Federal police forces, which come from VW or Audi, Seat or Škoda – and are affected by the Diesel scandal, with all its consequences.

Christian Müßgens

economic correspondent in Hamburg.

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Jonas Jansen

editor in the business, responsible for the “network economy”.

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As the first state now wants to Baden-Württemberg to submit in this context, a lawsuit against VW. This is a “budget commitment”, – said the press Secretary of the Ministry of Finance in Stuttgart on Sunday. The country needs to secure available revenue in due time and in full.

The black-green state government provides for the manipulation of the exhaust systems of vehicles as a “deliberate immoral damage” and should have offered a comparison to the VW within the deadline but was not received. This Tuesday, the Finance Minister Edith Sitzmann (Green) wool imagined, therefore, their plans for further action in the Cabinet and in the course of this year to file a complaint. This will apply to all from the Land – such as for the police – purchased and leased diesel vehicles with the engine type EA189 that plays in the VW-Diesel-scandal a Central role. All departments were asked to identify the number of affected vehicles. This evaluation of the course, then the amount of a possible compensation sum could specifically calculate.

First suit two years ago

Baden-Württemberg had been a good two years ago, a first lawsuit in connection with the exhaust gas scandal from VW. As in the States of Bavaria or Hesse, which had made similar steps, it went back to exchange rate losses, the want suffered by the pension Fund for civil servants in the country, with VW shares.

With the announced action, the country is one of a number of predominantly private car owner, the damages or a complete repurchase of the vehicle for the unlawful interference in the vehicle technology challenge. Since the end of the year, in this context, an important limitation period ends, have decided the country to be active. As the newspaper “Südwest Presse” reported, the country, the prospects of success for good.

VW wanted to remain optimistic

VW to say the Details on Sunday. “So far, we have no knowledge of a lawsuit and can’t comment therefore on the possible content,” said a group spokesman. In General, the group don’t see any legal basis for such actions, because the vehicles concerned, diesel engines are “safe and roadworthy”. After the last mass arrest carried out Software Updates, they would correspond to the “applicable regulatory requirements”.