30,000 cars affected: VW threatens in diesel affair with another callback


    Volkswagen is another recall looming in the diesel scandal. The force travel Federal office (KBA) accuses the Wolfsburg car maker, also the Software Update for engineered diesel models with 1.2-litre to cheat engine, such as the “picture on Sunday”, without giving sources reported. The KBA is to be opened in the procedure, therefore next week, a so-called consultation.

    This must be withdrawn, tested, according to the report, whether in Germany, 30,000 vehicles, including the Polo – type approval. In Europe, a total of 370,000 cars would be, according to the newspaper of such decommissioning to be affected. The KBA is likely to leave it, however, for reasons of proportionality, also in the case of a further official recall of the vehicles, it said.

    check not completed

    The Federal Ministry of transport said on Sunday the allegations were known. The KBA to go to these, the audit is not yet completed.