TV review: Tough but Fair: The Brexit as a black hole


    make eggs, scrambled eggs, is not an art. But like the scrambled eggs? This issue will be today evening, the London house of Commons: such As the United Kingdom is a grown up over the decades the process of integration of its economy in to reverse can make to minimize, but at the same time, the associated costs and risks.

    As a way, it was with Brussels negotiated exit agreement. It seeks to 585 pages to divide the scrambled eggs into its components, to give the transition phase, after the formal withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the EU a legal framework. The adoption of this agreement by the lower house, however, would be a political miracle. Only the horror vision of a “hard Brexit”, the you have to well as the factual Expose of any trade relations between the British Isles and the continent imagine would be after the rejection.

    The British political scientist Anthony Glees made this anecdote clearly that Theresa May would need as a diabetic on Danish Insulin. Even that could be after the consummation of the Brexit scarce, so the Thesis. The Prime Minister will not rely, nevertheless, charitable gifts from the continent. The Brexit is not a catastrophic natural event.

    great Britain in the no-man’s land

    Now, Glees belongs to that rare breed of Tories who decided to remain in the EU Express. He lamented the prospect of the Prime Minister, the oriented almost exclusively to the narrow majority of outlet supporters. With some crafty nature Glees made it clear that the opponents of the Brexit to 29. March action in memory, in the end it is a mixture of the forthcoming terror of the consequences, and trust in the self-paralysis of the political system.

    Because Glees was no doubt about it: With today’s defeat, and the pressure within a few days, a Plan B, to submit, is Theresa May at the end. Your government would have long since fallen apart, Glees, and a political Alternative to the house of Commons was not yet in sight. The Labour announced no-confidence vote to force elections to be held after a referendum defeat of the government’s trust, he gives little chance of success. The UK is therefore from Wednesday in a political no-man’s land, but should not be confused automatically with Chaos.