When it comes to the topic of automated Driving, turning many of the announcements made by the car manufacturer for passenger cars. Thanks to ever-more-sophisticated assistance systems of the Car drivers can make today under the supervision of some tasks to be Auto, how to keep track or to true on the motorway, a pre-defined distance. The manufacturers want to develop these features according to their information as quickly as possible.

Martin Gropp

editor in the economy.

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The development of Autonomous vehicles, however, is less an issue, although many trucks mainly on motorways are on the go. A place where, according to the experts, automated driving could roll vehicles quickly, because the tasks are in comparison to city traffic is relatively straightforward.

people do not have to intervene

The commercial vehicle division of Daimler AG opposes this rule now, but notice. As the company announced at the consumer electronics trade show CES in Las Vegas, plans to spend the group in the next few years, 500 million euros, in order to develop highly automated trucks. In doing so, the in the trade industry as a “Level 4” denoted autonomy level.

This means that the vehicles can operate in confined spaces or between previously-specified route points, without the people in danger need to intervene in situations or cases of doubt. To be able to this level within the next ten years, wants Daimler to create 200 new jobs.