The HPI series changed the life of Mehdi Nebbou. Since the first season in 2021, the actor has played Adam Karadec, police commander at the DIPJ in Lille, in the fictional phenomenon of TF1. A role that has won over more than 10 million fans, especially for its explosive duet with Audrey Fleurot, the atypical Morgane Alvaro.

Before playing this strict and psychorigid policeman, who sees his daily life turned upside down by the red tornado with an IQ of 160, Mehdi Nebbou leads a career in complete discretion. Born in the southwest of France in 1971, he was raised by a father of Algerian origin and a mother with German roots. Wanting to evolve in the artistic world, he decided to settle in Berlin in Germany to launch his career.

With TV Mag, Mehdi Nebbou revealed what seduced him in the Berlin capital. “I was quickly charmed by this city, after the fall of the wall it went through an even more exceptional moment, it became my home”. Across the Rhine, the Frenchman attends the Berlin Film School. “I tried film school and I was taken”, confided the actor who learned the language of Goethe in college.

For five years, he trained in directing before graduating. It was during his training that he also made his debut in front of the camera. “At school, a student gave me a role in his first feature film,” he explains to our colleagues from the magazine belonging to Le Figaro. It was with My Sweet Home that Mehdi Nebbou launched his acting career in the 2000s.

Since then, the French actor has gained popularity with German audiences. “I shot several films in Germany, one was selected for Cannes in 2005,” says the man who received the prize for Best Male Hope for Teresas Zimmer in Germany. Before conquering France, the United States and even India.

Discreet about his personal life, Mehdi Nebbou rarely talks about his sentimental stories. However, his childhood love led him to settle in Germany. “A summer love on the Landes coast”, he confessed to TV Mag. “I was 18, she was 19, she had to go back to West Berlin. At the end of August I visited her, I decided to stay. She lived in a roommate, two months later the Berlin Wall fell”.

In 1995, Mehdi Nebbou met the photographer Nouma Bordj, as indicated by Télérama. From their union, the couple welcomed in 2008, their daughter named Djelia. If the actor has never spoken to date about his current relationship with the mother of his offspring, the latter is admiring of his father’s career.

In 2022, Mehdi Nebbou was interviewed by Gala magazine during the broadcast of season 2 of HPI. The opportunity for the actor to confide in his daughter who diligently follows the soap opera. “My daughter is a fan of the character of Audrey, her outfits, her dialogues, her freedom”, according to her comments relayed on the site of the magazine people.

Endowed with a “true sensitivity”, her only daughter does not hesitate to give her her opinion. “She also gives me feedback on our acting, sometimes points out the times when she finds that I am not at my best”. As they say, the truth always comes out of the mouths of children.