The stadium is on the small of Lecce, Sunday is the setting of a new milestone in the career of Dries Mertens and (32). At the very least, as a coach, Carlo: Such as be the star do not let it rest up after the beautiful win against Liverpool. After all, the Series is A doelpuntentotaal Diego Maradona has passed by, and the Red Devil on Sunday, with two goals in the entire Naples, doelpuntenproductie of the Argentine legend is unbeatable and will be final, by the way, if He Cared for Will.

It was in december of 2016, and then to the Corriere dello Sport , the comparison for the first time, was the world. The surrounding crowd becomes agitated. Will. , Later corrupted to, He Cared for Will. The Red Devil had just had the four pots have been scored in the 5-3 win of Napoli at Torino, and was a legend close at hand. Edited photo of his face, with the hair on the Outside turned on, and the old photographs in which the Argentine legend himself, as he posed with a shirt, Will came back out of the water. The Neapolitans found that there was no longer any difference between what He is and Diego, for them, means to have had it. Or.

note that In the figures, the difference has gradually disappeared. And In may passed it, Will all of the 81 goals that are Outside of in the competition be scored for Napoli, and as he was on Sunday against Lecce, in two of the time after matches, he’s 115 goals in a match that, Outside of his seven years at Napoli and has been left.

you Will, there will be more contests for a place to have 285 units, compared to 259, but the average of these two gentlemen will remain pretty awesome. Once the Outside has passed, there Will only be one person on the path to eternal topschutter of This will be Marek Hamsik. To the left, the captain klokte on 121 goals, a number of which Will this season easily, it would have to be able to catch up.

the productiefsteRode the Devil.

we are all clubcarrière is Will to 32 in the meantime, and for the Right asset, at the PSV, Utrecht, the netherlands, and AGOVV – all of the 208 goals and 159 assists. It is, in terms of the absolute numbers is the most prolific Red-Devil, before Romelu Lukaku (196 goals) and Eden Hazard (160 is the goal). The latter two will be older, Will in the long term, however, voorbijhollen, but it Will, at this point, it’s no worse do not know it. Because the Outside of, can surpass, and that is a feat you take should be cherished.