the members of The 1. FC Kaiserslautern have been deceived by the previous club management for years. This is from a previously unpublished internal investigation report of the economically depressed football-third division clubs. Therein to be levied against the former CEO Stefan Kuntz and the former Chairman of the Supervisory Board Dieter Rombach serious allegations. Among other things, the speech is in the investigation’s report a “striking audacity”, with the “members behind the light”.

Both Kuntz as well as Rombach rejected the criticism upon request. Kuntz, in the meantime, the successful U-21 national team coach, did not inform him of the investigation report and could not comment in Detail. He pointed to several independent reports, attesting the legality of his actions during his term of office. Also Rombach informed in writing of, among others, that financial statements had been approved in his time at FCK, always by independent auditors of “Ernst and Young”””.

The results of his investigation of the FCK wants the Supervisory Board to the General Assembly this coming Sunday are available. The paper gives information about various processes in the Association between 2002 and 2017 and will be based primarily on the protocols of the Supervisory Board. A focus is on the use of around nine million euros. They come from a Fananleihe and a so-called urban “seller loan” that results from the sale of the Fritz-Walter stadium, by the Association to the city. The funds should primarily serve the Development of the Junior centre.