Concord has kept his word, and also in the sporty meaningless last group of the Europa League game shown preliminary great mentality. The Frankfurt football professionals turned a 0:1 deficit into a 2:1 away win and finished the group stage as the first German team with the maximum yield of 18 points. Gacinovic and Haller scored the goals in a subject, which, once again, in the shadow of some of the rioters and anarchists in the organised Frankfurt fan scene. From the curve, firecrackers were ignited, the pyrotechnics fired and twice with rockets aimed at the security forces and the Roman Fans shot.

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Peter Hess

sports editor.

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Eintracht Board member Axel Hellmann has condemned the Fan disputes. “There is a small group that needs this game to have a private dispute with Lazio. This has grieved me,“ said Hellmann, according to the 2:1. “We have always said that all of our energy in the fight against things that left the Hand. And today was a setback.“ Positively he assessed the reaction of the majority of almost 10000 in Frankfurt Fans. “You called ,And you want to be Eintracht Frankfurt,. This was a clear statement, but it doesn’t change the fact that we have not made a good picture.“

It was a mix of home and the spirit of the game, the rode Eintracht Frankfurt in Rome. Tens of thousands of traveling Fans filled seven Blocks in the huge Olympic stadium. And if you fixed the view of this area, the backdrop of a Europa League game. But in the Rest of the wide Runds only about 2000 Romans, which gave the atmosphere a bit spooky lost. To kick-off there were less of the Lazio supporters, many arrived at the Arena late because of the traffic chaos prevailed on the Roman roads. Triggered by a measure of security, the police, the isolated Offense of Frankfurt’s Fans, long-range closures on the access roads prompted.


accused of The followers was to be for riots in the vicinity of the Stadio Olympico responsible. You should have thrown, among other things, pop the body on Lazio Fans. It had been also injured. A total of five Frankfurter had been provisionally detained, it said in a first balance sheet. The Roman police had responded with a huge line-up to the risky security situation. In front of the stadium ruled partially chaotic conditions, since many Eintracht supporters besieged without Tickets to the inputs. In addition, the personalized entry made cards for the long clearance times. The safety controls showed no great effect. To kick off the Frankfurt Fans welcomed shock your players with an intense Fireworks display and two Thunder.

The Frankfurter professionals have left a better impression. Although coach Hütter goalkeeper Trapp, Rebic, Jovic and Ndicka took a break and Kostic, de Guzman and Salcedo had to give up, took over the Concord first of all, the control on the playing field. Favored by the half-hearted use of the Romans. Coach Inzaghi had classified the meeting to the public as unimportant and four of its most prominent players are not even into the array of occupations, including striker Ciro Immobile and playmaker Milinkovic-Savic. But the harmony is not developed with Haller to the forefront, and Gacinovic and Muller close behind on the half-positions. Müller had two Torgelegenheiten a lesser quality, that’s it, what is the harmony at risk. After half an hour of the game learned your first bend. Of the then outstanding Hasebe had to leave due to a thigh injury the place. With the Japanese, the majority of ball security and Overview adopted. The opening goal for Lazio in the 56. Minute by Correa was not surprising. In the minutes before the Frankfurt Annex had, however, drawn more attention to himself. Firecrackers, Pyrofeuer and hate chants against Lazio Fans – the Frankfurter curve showed its ugly Face, and in two moments of their criminal energy. Since flares at security officers and spectators were fired in a targeted manner.