Bocholt –

A 37-year-old woman from Bocholt to a term of imprisonment of eighteen months and a fine of € 800, both of them on one or more occasions, been convicted, because she and her boyfriend neerstak once they are on their mobile phone, proof of infidelity was. The woman stood up also, and rightly, because they are rebellious attitude when she was arrested.

On september 30, 2018 was the woman’s boyfriend, with whom she already has a five-year relationship had to be accompanied by a pingpongwedstrijd in Kaulille. While her boyfriend, his games finished, drinking in the woman herself, a piece of her collar and took the mobile phone from her boyfriend because she suspected that her cheating on.


a number of text messages confirmed her suspicion. During the taxi ride to the house and met her friend who found the message. And when the couple got home, it was confrontation, the heavy-handed, and started to drunk the woman with the hair of her friend, and pulling him when the office was located. The man took the pass to the back of his head and back, and letting his drunk girlfriend to let off steam. “I just have to cry and scream, and have the doors beaten,” said the excited woman, and the Tongeren criminal court.


Then, in walked the woman into the kitchen, and he heard her rattling in a tin box of various kitchen knives, in distinct layers. When the kitchen is closed and he saw just in time what his friend, himself in the wrist, wanted to put. He tried to stop the knife from her to get it. When he was in her right hand vastpakte stabbed him in his left shoulder. When the man saw that he was the blood loss, he asked for his phone, or his girlfriend is taken would call. Because they didn’t want to do it, ran to the man, go to a nearby cafe, where some of the police officers and the male, about half-past one in the night, was when an ambulance was waiting for us. After that, the guy with the care had been found and the cops and the drunk woman on the bed in her rush to be the lie it was.

As the woman is a rebel attitude, and the cops bespuwde, and as she was being arrested. Even when she was in the cell, she was sure that she had her brothers to the cops, it would afsturen, and that they ‘would be better, if they would have to face.