as for The lawyers, Abderrahim Lahlali, and Muhammed Ozdemir sue the Belgian state for one wounded terrorist -, three -, ISIS-widow and their ten children, from Syria to our country, or to a safe place in the region. The writing in The Morning, and The News on Monday.

Monday’s launch of the two lawyers in the proceedings in the summary proceedings on the case on Thursday and Friday in Brussels, belgium. Their clients include three of the women from the Syriëstrijders (Nadia Baghouri, Jessie Van Eetvelde, and Part Hammani), the terrorist and the Nobility Mezroui, and they had ten children, who are between 7 years and 6 months of age. The women and children staying in the refugee camp, Al-Hol, which is outside of the buffer zone, which the Turks now occupy in Life. Mezroui is in the hospital, the Old prison in Al-Hasakah.

if you are in the writ of summons to sit the medical records of the children, which suggests that they are severely undernourished, and in chronic diarrhoea. When one of the boy’s right hand amputated.

The lawyers require their clients to have a safe place to be transferred as well. That may be in Belgium or in the neighboring countries of Syria like Turkey, Jordan or Lebanon. If the Belgian government does not, within fifteen days from the action to shoot, then ask questions to the lawyers and fines of 7,500 euros per day per person. For up to 14 people, it means that a total of 105.000 euro, per day, for a total amount of 1.5 million per applicant.

The attorneys argue that the government, with the advice of the belgian federal prosecutor, Frédéric Van Leeuw, Paul Van Tigchelt, the head of the antiterreurorgaan at OCAD, in addition to feel on the palm. “They called last week in the parliament, once again, for these people to return and to bring to trial.”

for More on Syria, Turkey: “the Kurdish forces to have a soldier killed during the cease-fire in the north-east of Syria,” He says, “a number of European countries,” the ISIS fighters out of Syria, would recover: “Belgium, provided information to their families, all of” the Turkish president, Erdogan, is threatening to be offensive in Syria on Tuesday to continue as the agreement is not respected, Turkey announced the declaration of a cease-fire in Syria, but how long will that be? And what is the correct, agreed?