Proud to be Corsican or opposed to the future airport project, many motorists decorate their cars with stickers. Some are humorous, others simply decorative. Appeared in the 1960s, stickers are adhesive supports, including text or images. What better surface than the smooth body of his vehicle?

Apart from the classics “At ease Breizh” or “Normandy, strong and green”, the same stickers are frequently found on cars. There is one in particular that cannot be escaped: the A badge. Every young driver is obliged to stick it on their car to signify their apprentice status. The letter must be written in red on a white circle. If the badge is missing, the young driver is liable to a fixed fine of €35.

Another sticker stuck to the back of thousands of cars: the “Baby on board” sticker. Not mandatory, it does not meet any regulations. Born in the mid-1980s in the United States, this sticker simply invites motorists to be more vigilant, report our colleagues from Ouest-France. It can also alert on rather slow driving on the part of the vehicle owner.

Sticking a sticker on your car is perfectly legal. However, the law still imposes certain limits. What are the 5 cases where the law prohibits stickers on cars?