In the United States and the 27-year-old boxer Patrick’s Day, Wednesday, has died. Day had been for some days in a critical condition in hospital after he was Saturday night at a camp in the knock-out was beaten by his fellow countryman, Charles Conwell.

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the Day sank down to the ground during a fight between the superweltergewichten in the tenth round match against his fellow countryman, Charles Conwell, and died of a head injury. This was wedstrijdpromotor Lou DiBella know that.

“Patrick’s Day ” was not meant to be boxing. He was from a good family, he was smart, educated and had good values. He had other ways of earning a living. But he chose to be warriors, to be aware of the risk that any fighter takes when he or she is in the ring and enters it”, they said in a statement. “Boxing was what Pat wanted to do it. It was a way for people to be inspired, and it gave him the feeling of being alive.”

The boxer during his professional career, which in 2013 began well for the past seventeen wins, four defeats and a draw.

in the Days opponent, Charles a Conwell was, to be very affected by the news. He tweette that it is never his intention had been to Patrick’s Day in an effort to save to save the settings. “When I was in the clock could turn back, then I did it, did Conwell know about it.

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Discussion of medical risks.

The drama of his Day, is not an isolated case. This past summer, met a similar fate, as the Russian profbokser Maxim Dadasjev (28), and the Former Hugo Santillan (23). A recent death in the boxing ring, to feed the discussions in the vechtsportwereld about the medical risks involved. Who is responsible for the health of the athletes in the ring, they will no longer be able to do? And who decides when enough is enough?

The rules say that the referee of a match shall cease when “in its opinion, the continuance of the match due to other reasons, and could be dangerous for the participants,” he said ringarts-Ed from the Ward, (61) as The Standard. The arbitrator would have sufficient medical knowledge to have in order to determine when the health of a fighter is in danger. “And if he is not adequate enough to respond to, or be a fighter, but after checking the ring is not enough to fight for it, then you are ringarts with the action, in order to take them.”

Of the District, called it “troubling” that the standards by which ringartsen and referees to work with differences in each martial art and organization. This creates gaps in the medical protocols. While officials and coaches have a major role in the protection of the health, there is also, of course, also the desire of the user. Also weighing on expectations of the general public, and it is of great importance in the decision to use the camp whether or not to strike.
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