The French have sat down to eat. On the menu last night, this Tuesday, June 28, C8 revealed the list of their 10 favorite dishes, established thanks to a large national consultation. An evening hosted by starred chef Yannick Alléno and food journalist Raphaële Marchal, who both deciphered these recipes selected from the most beautiful regions of France.

After the revelation of the ranking marked by the plebiscite of the French for the chicken and fries, in front of the raclette and the pizza, the journalist Raphaëlle Marchal wanted to thank the teams of the show, this June 29 on her Instagram page. “Thank you Yannick Alléno for being the best possible partner, thank you Guillaume Leblond for reassuring me so much, thank you to the whole Tvoprod team and to all those who worked on this program, it was a dream”, said she writes in publication, returning with humor to her very spicy tasting of harissa.

For her first prime time animation, Raphaële Marchal, accompanied by chef Alléno whose program was dedicated to her late son, aroused the curiosity of 324,000 viewers in front of their screens. If some are delighted with the program, others seem to have remained unsatisfied with the presentation of the host. “But what a pleasure to see Raphaële Marchal as a bonus! She is excellent! I had a very gourmet evening. Thanks to her and chef Yannick Alléno”, “Very friendly presenter Raphaële Marchal”, rejoice these Internet users on Twitter.

But, others were not delighted with the presentation of the host, preferring her colleague Julie Andrieu. “She has too high a voice, the presenter, in addition she is constantly yelling, we tell her to stop yelling, please put Julie Andrieu on us”, “I would have preferred to have Julie Andrieu than her, I find that she actually a little too bad, “complain the latter.

Opinions of viewers that the journalist Raphaële Marchal has obviously retained with humor. “Thank you a thousand times for all your feedback, and thank you for your honesty too, from ‘there’s no croque-monsieur, I’m changing the channel’ to ‘the show is nice but I don’t like the presenter'”, s is she amused on Instagram.

Before taking her first steps on the small screen, Raphaële Marchal had a taste for cooking from an early age. After a 3rd year internship in a kitchen in Paris alongside a renowned chef, she found her vocation by wishing to evolve in the world of gastronomy, according to the FoodandSens website. After her studies in business school, the young woman publishes her culinary blog En rang d’oignons where she gives her advice and recipes to her readers.

Subsequently, Raphaële Marchal wrote several cookbooks, also collaborating with Fooding, the magazines Fou de Pâtisserie and ELLE. We also find her as a columnist in William à Midi on C8, where she has officiated since 2018. Very followed on social networks, the young woman shares her culinary discoveries, her travels and some photos with her husband whom she married at the beginning of the month. The anthology of his most beautiful photos through our slideshow.