Weather: 76 departments on the alert thunderstorms and hail this Monday


The night from Sunday to Monday was chaotic for part of France… In Indre and Vienne, hail the size of a tennis ball fell, in the middle of a storm, on roofs and vehicles residents, causing serious damage. Several people were even injured.

Twenty departments in the Center had been placed on orange alert by Météo France: strong thunderstorms, hail and violent gusts of wind were expected there. It will not have failed. And if calm seems to have returned to certain regions, the disturbances have not yet said their last word.

“The cold front is progressing towards the east and is reactivating by colliding with the warm air still present in the lower layers,” explains the Weather Channel, which warns of strong thunderstorms in the east of the country on Monday. With the following risks:

Météo France places no less than 76 departments on alert this Monday. At what time will the lightning and hail be the most violent in your area? Find out in our slideshow.

These violent disturbances are expected to last until early evening. The good news, however, is that the rest of the week should be free of thunderstorms over much of the territory. The Weather Channel is just forecasting possible stormy showers, without great intensity, in the afternoon of Wednesday.

Temperatures should be much more bearable than last week. On Tuesday, we expect, for example, 17°C in Paris and 23°C in Nice.