Court decides on Monday – VW threatens sensitive Defeat the carmaker has to pay to a buyer of an engineered diesel vehicle damages? The judgment is likely to be leading the way.0 comment Eder exhaust gas scandal came 2015 to light. (Archive image)Keystone/AP/Markus Writing, the Skoda Octavia TDI 1.6 Liter is one of the affected vehicles in the VW scandal of the rigged exhaust gas values.KEYSTONE/Gaetan BallyIn Switzerland was also a claim for damages against the car manufacturer. (29. December 2017)KEYSTONE/Ennio LeanzaDas judgment of the Federal court of justice in Germany is expected to lead the way. (Archive image)KEYSTONE/DPA/Julian Stratenschulte1 / 4

The VW diesel scandal could collect the car maker on Monday before the Federal court of justice (BGH), a sensitive defeat. The German Supreme civil court, announced his judgment, whether or not Volkswagen will have to pay a buyer of a rigged diesel vehicle damages.

At the hearing in early may, the Supreme court made clear that it will not object to the judgment of the lower court in Essence. The Koblenz higher regional court had awarded the plaintiff damages of 26’000 Euro for a used VW Sharan.

Remains of the BGH in its judgment, in its provisional evaluation, waving to tens of thousands of car owners for damages. Because the first judgment of the Supreme court in the VW diesel scandal applies to all of the rest of the dishes as a guide. According to VW 60’000 cases in Germany are still pending.


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