Marilou Berry: a new look for season 3 of I promise you?


We are used to seeing him with a different hair color regularly, what will it be this time? Actress Marilou Berry will soon be back on TF1 with the entire team of I promise you, the hit series adapted from the American soap opera This is us. Pink, red, brown, orange or more recently platinum blonde, Josiane Balasko’s daughter is not afraid to change her look.

Let the fans be reassured, it is indeed with brown hair that the character of Maud will return in season 3. Indeed, while the filming of this new batch of episodes began on July 18, 2022, the actress of 39 years old has unveiled several videos on his Instagram story.

Marilou Berry has therefore indeed taken over the hairstyle and hair color of her character. In one of the videos, she is also wearing a beautiful Marina Rinaldi silk bathrobe.

This new season promises twists and turns for the character of Maud, as the synopsis revealed by TF1 suggests: “As they celebrate their fortieth birthday, the triplets arrive at a decisive turning point in their existence: Maud wants to start a family but her The desire for a child could have serious consequences on her health and on that of Tanguy (Marc Riso). Moreover, this desire comes at the very moment when her singing career is finally about to take off.

According to information from Allociné, the filming of this new season should last three months and it is therefore possible to hope for a return to the series shortly to discover new plots, new characters and, of course, course, all the emotion that characterizes it.

In the meantime, fans of Marilou Berry will have the pleasure of seeing her in one of her most popular films, Joséphine rounds up, this August 4 from 9:10 p.m. on TF1.