Targeted mood in there is not doing in the social networks, it is only since the debate on the UN-migration Pact. For many years, interested parties try, whether foreign services or radical forces in Germany, to influence the public opinion on the Internet. The German policy, which is difficult to define with digital issues still understand only gradually the Dimension of this phenomenon: The process of opinion formation, which is necessary for the Functioning of democracy, so fundamental, today, with simple technical means to manipulate half-truths and lies included.

this is Why it is a good idea, a labeling requirement for Bots. If a commercial Post is sponsored by a company “a” will be displayed, similar to the advertising in the newspaper. The policy should beware of, to curtail freedom of expression on the net. But the Mature citizen would be helped if it can detect whether it is displayed in the Newsfeed is an automated political campaign.