Mobilization out of the pocket – Trump, the feud with Twitter not ungelege of the US President wants to incite the anger of his constituents – and to the polls drive. There is also a dispute with the short message service helps.Hubert Wetzel from Washington0 Comment in the polls behind Biden: U.S. President Trump tries with all means, fear, anger and resentment at the Trump Fans to move on, to each Individual drive, to actually go to the polls.Photo: Mandel Ngan (AFP)

Donald Trump, Twitter, and the truth, this is a very special triangle ratio. There is hardly a politician uses the short message service so excessively, effectively and ruthlessly as the US President, in order to spread insults, insinuations, or even bare lies. This is noticed by the Californian company, of all things, on Tuesday, was amazing. After all, Trump has established his Twitter account in 2009, and since then, 52’000 Tweets sent. In this collection, there were plenty of other Half – truths and falsehoods, which would have earned a similar warning as Trumps Schimpferei on the absentee ballot that was provided by Twitter, now with a fact check Link.

means to fire employees

But to the facts or the truth, it’s not a Trump in his Tweets. Twitter is not a medium of information, but a political weapon for him. The President uses Twitter to attack opponents, to threaten other governments to fire employees, to cause confusion, or to carry its Propaganda and conspiracy theories unfiltered and all his followers, in order to be even angrier than they are already.

but Above all, Trump uses Twitter to dominate the news situation and, if necessary, from revolting conditions by empörendere Tweets to distract. He just needed to tap a few lines into the phone to “Tweet” the press should Trump according to the “New York Times” once at a Meeting with the right Social Media activists, pride said. “Boom, I press, and two seconds later it says: We have breaking news.”

“Boom, I press, and two seconds later it says: We have breaking news.”

US President Donald Trump about his dealings with Twitter,

Trump currently has good reasons, of the revolting States in the USA to distract. The crisis management of his government in the Corona pandemic is defective, still it is absent in Parts of the country, of Tests or medical protection equipment. The number of the dead exceeded that this week the mark of 100’000. Sinister could be the position for a few months before the election, hardly.

Although Economists expect at least the economic Situation until the election in early November will improve. But at the Moment it comes to Trump all located, if the media – especially those that look at his followers – the details about his dispute with Twitter than it does about the devastation that the Virus does. On Wednesday of this Bobbling balls is going very well: Both the channel Fox News, as well as the rights news site “Breitbart” is not excited about the 100’000 dead, but on Twitter, that is true in these circles, anyway, as to the left of liberal.

strategy rests on two pillars

another purpose of trump’s Tweets from the Incite of its voters. The President is currently in the opinion polls behind the Democrat Joe Biden. And he knows that it will be difficult to win the votes of undecided citizens by November: Who didn’t like Trump so far, will probably decide in the next quarter of a year, suddenly for him.

trump’s campaign strategy rests on two pillars: a sharp polarization of the electorate and a high turnout of their own supporters. The campaign team of the President is therefore trying by all means, fear, anger and resentment at the Trump Fans to move on, to each Individual drive, to actually go to the polls. At the same time a smear campaign running against Biden. The goal is not to lure Biden voters Trump, but to close this demo, that you do not get to choose.

Against democratic governors

his voters to incite, shoots Trump therefore, for example, for weeks on Twitter against democratic governors, the lock supposedly the output in their States, not fast enough to finish, and encouraged the protests. A few days ago he broke – of course, via Tweet – a dispute with the democratic Governor of North Carolina from the fence, Roy Cooper. Trump wants to hold in August in the politically important state to his party, what some people pay in the face of rising Infection there is not a good idea to keep. The President threatened Cooper with a relocation of the big event, if this guarantee that Trump should be applauded in a hall of tens of thousands of people.

the now of Twitter, the Tweets about the supposed risk of fraud with absentee ballots, fit very well to Trumps strategy. There is in reality no empirical evidence that absentee ballots are less reliable and fair than elections in which the people cast their vote in polling stations. On the contrary: That a letter of choice in times of a pandemic is safer for the voters, should be obvious.

But trump’s Tweets are not meant to tackle the reality. He does not want to discuss the pros and Cons of different electoral methods. But he wants to convince his followers that the Democrats want to steal him his deserved victory, as they have supposedly already in the “witch-hunt” because of Russia and impeachment proceedings because of the Ukraine is trying. Trumps message is this: If I lose in November, the election, and then only because of the fraud.

“Twitter suppresses the right to freedom of expression!”, complained to Trump on Tuesday after his false letter to election-Tweets had been provided with the Link to a fact check. He sent his lawsuit, of all things, via a Tweet out into the world and no one from Twitter it prevented – the irony Trump escaped, however.

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