This story is repeated as a Farce: “Breathless through the night until a new day is dawning”, sings Helene Fischer. And of the German school yards it sounds back: “Unemployed, in jail, Helene Fischer has done it.”

Alfons Kaiser

editor responsible for the Department “Germany and the world,” and the Frankfurter Allgemeine Magazin.

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no, the parody of the most-downloaded German song, one of the most popular German singer pays tribute to. Such malapropisms must be earned. They are reserved for those who in the popular culture down in the basic schools, belonging. Because what can you say about this singer, and has to, Almost all of Germany listens to her.

Helene Fischer is a phenomenon that is not exhausted in the statement that you look good and carry catchy songs. The would appreciate your work on the own myth – and it would not be the horizon of expectation of the audience is not just, hangs quite as low as it is to believe the haters of the song, so much.

The singer, to make it short, the lives of the ingenious combination of a very present stage appearance with the well-produced hands-on anthems, and an attractive appearance. Not even the fast-paced neck of her blouse or the skirt that is even shorter than the attention span of impatient TV viewer, to throw even the hint of a shadow on her flawless public Image.

This woman has it even managed to make their separation by the Moderator Florian silbereisen as a cuddly song to sound. They went “their separate ways as a Couple,” wrote the singer a week ago when they were still a Couple. Helene, as it is called trust, is in the midst of us, and yet already a few dance steps ahead of all the other couples, the loss of life and divorce battles.

These songs – they are under no illusions. “The last word in love”, “But I’ve regretted you,” “You made me strong”, “love”, “From here to infinity”: true, apparently everything!

You can make wonderful titles and texts of funny, not a cliché at the edge of the stage. In English Songs but to sing every Geschwurbel harmless. In this respect, the malicious Anglo-American reaction to their success is more than hypocritical. As “Forbes” in November, calculated that Helene Fischer is among the best of Verdi music in the world with an annual income of 28 million euros on the eighth place, behind Rihanna and Celine Dion and Britney Spears, as the astonishment was great. The German Pop-Nation? It was in the postwar period have, therefore, never give in music, Film or fashion, because the defeated Nation should raise their voice. A German Superstar – this may not be easy.

This one had to only look at the “Helene Fischer Show” on the First day of Christmas in the ZDF, which ended with the market share of-days victory. Since you saw the thirty-four year old in a personal Union as a presenter, singer, actress and dancer on Twelve-inch heels. You can’t moderate like Barbara schöneberger, she can’t sing like Nina Hagen, and she takes the word “heart” is definitely often in the mouth. All this makes but nothing, because they are staged as a show master TV events so that you can get almost the same Format as a Super-Bowl-Show – in public television. This Show was something like “Stars in the Manege”, the long set Christmas broadcast of the Bavarian radio, only without the beard.

Just as, however, must also recognize the aesthetic criticism. Her Repertoire has expanded the singer within ten years, and the hits she has liberated from oppressive Narrowness. But the Songs sound in a mixture of Schlager, Pop, Country, electro-pop, ballad, even Techno – like a too-good mix. The appearance aseptically. Authentic foreign to her. The strength of this well-toned woman, the flip side of its lean content of a statement is. Music makes us see the world anew? No, Helene, everything always remains the same.