Transport in Zurich – “Zurich car-free” for invalid declared the Text of the popular initiative is not with the parent law to the contrary and is not the purpose of the Initiative. To the Federal court.Tina Fassbind7 Kommentare7Der traffic jam of the city: The Initiative “Züri car-free” has been declared by the Federal judges to be invalid. Image: Urs Jaudas

The people’s initiative “Züri car-free” wants to free the city centre from motorised traffic and space for public transport, bicycles and foot traffic, as well as more free space. The Zurich administrative court has approved the Initiative in December. The home owner Association of the city of Zurich and the associations ACS, Builder-Association Zurich, the City Association Zürich, the commercial Association of the city of Zurich and the TCS have withdrawn their complaint against the Initiative, then before the Federal court – and now you get right.

The judge in Lausanne declared “Züri car-free” for invalid. The strict driving is prohibited in the terms of guarantee of Ownership (art. 26 BV) and economic freedom (article 27 of the Federal Constitution) disproportionate, and do, in addition to the in the Initiative are already exceptions provided for for more necessary. The Federal court in its judgment of 22. May to the conclusion that the text of the Initiative is not with the parent law, to the meaning and purpose of the Initiative is.

satisfaction for the associations

The associations are pleased to note that the legal Situation with regard to the validity of the Initiative is clarified by the Federal court, as they announce on Thursday in a joint media release.

The JUSO of the city of Zurich has filed the Initiative in August of 2017 – and a legal dispute about their validity set in motion. Also, the Zurich city Council has recommended in the past July, the rejection of the “Züri car-free”. Since it was an urban Initiative, would only be affected by the traffic on local of it on neighborhood streets. There, the transport, however, hardly any problems, was the justification. Unwanted traffic could not be prohibited to be kept, moreover, already today only with driving from the Neighborhoods, but also with structural measures or one-way signs.

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