Thus, the new city casino looks – Herzog & de Meuron like it is finished in red and knalligDer 78-million renovation of the Basel concert house. The two star architects Herzog & de Meuron have had a field day in the design of the spacious foyer. A first tour. Simon Bordier16 Kommentare16Medienrundgang in the new city casino with the star architect Jacques Herzog (in the front).Photo: Kostas Maros

After four years of construction to complete the renovation and expansion of the Basel municipal casino, and the visitors to an overwhelming reception waiting. Because the two responsible architects Herzog & de Meuron (in short: HdM) do not skimp on in the new Foyer of the concert house Stimuli: In the input areas of the city casino is entering is no longer from the stone mountain, but from the Barfüsserplatz – lined the walls with brocade fabric in hues of Red, and they are lit from the original, phallic-shaped lamps.

This Red continues in stair climbs, as well as in the wardrobe room in the basement, and is, moreover, mirrored metal surfaces. You caught just at the thought to be in the door and in a pleasure house ended up being wrong, then discovered, but the real showpiece: the spacious, on two floors of uplifting the Foyer, which has a less gaudy.

The spacious Foyer invites you to linger.Photo: Kostas Maros

For the 77.5 million Swiss francs, an expensive construction project of the two Basel’s star architects have revised the concept of the Konzertbaus fully: The old, because of its lack of infrastructure often criticized Foyer-cultivation from the 1930s, was demolished. To the point – it is the section between the music hall and the city casino Restaurants – is now an alley that leads to the barfüsserplatz.

For the new, much larger Foyer, the floor plan of the concert hall was extended to the barfüsser Church and the basement; the area has doubled practically. Stylistically, Herzog & de Meuron have noticed based on the neo-Baroque facade by the architect Johann Jakob Stehlin-designed music house (built in 1876), so that the cultivation viewed from the outside – compared to the Original hardly.

in Front of the cultivation of Herzog & de Meuron, behind the music, house of the architect Johann Jakob Stehlin from the year 1876.keystone-sda/Georgios Kefalas

The small differences between the Stehlin building and the extension by Herzog & de Meuron, however, are The two architects continue the game with a deceptive surface structures, as it was to Stehlins time (keyword pseudo-marble), in their own way: The HdM-cultivation seems to be as the Stehlin-construction of stone-made, it is in truth but a wooden panel.

This playful use of historically traditional styles and forms of the interior to the extreme: With the red velvet adjoining rooms, approaching the Duo of architects dangerous of the kitsch border, in the Central foyer, but find the middle ground between extravagance and elegance. In short: You like to be on the two spacious, subtle colours of the floors to tones. The Transitions between rooms are smooth, for the Curious, the architects “peep-holes have been provided”.

In this niche, it can make concert-goers convenient and through the peep-hole to look.Photo: keystone-sda/Georgios Kefalas

The two historical concert halls – the smaller of the Hans-Huber-Saal, as well as the great music hall, have been renovated and / or eyesores later liberated. So were bricked up in the 1960s, the window of the music hall to the stone mountain, because you bothered to be at the tram noise. The Problem is: sound-proof panes let in now the light of day, but virtually no noise from the outside.

Originally, the music room also a skylight window, but this would no longer be reconstructed, for technical reasons, so simple. Therefore, an electrical installation on the ceiling, daylight’s faking now. Overdue for the Installation of a ventilation system and a lift was.

The window of the music hall had been in the 1960s, zugemauter – now they let in natural light.keystone-sda/Georgios Kefalas

The big project of the Casino company, which was funded almost 50 percent by donations, and a good 50 per cent by the Canton of Basel-city, also has small downsides: The music hall has seats new, larger sized one, but the capacity of about 1500 to about 1300 reduced. Moreover, since the inputs have been abolished on a front side of the hall, will be forced to some concert-goers to go to longer loops, in order to get to your seat.

Passionate Red accompanied the concert-goers also going to the toilet.Photo: Kostas Maros

the bottom line is the Positive outweighs the negative: The Basel music hall is valued for its acoustics since time immemorial in the world, now the infrastructure around the right around. If the Federal Council is loosening the Corona-measures, find the opening concerts in the week of the 22. August.

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