The players of Club Brugge and left the Bernabeu with mixed emotions: very happy with the ending but also knowing that it is an absolute stunt, and within easy reach of bed. This is Madrid, it was true.

now, With two of the goals were With Dennis, is the most important player on the Team on the field and on the Spanish empire. “It’s a feeling it could be better, because we really wanted the three points,” said the Nigerian. “Everybody was expecting that they easily could have won, but we came out 0-2 before. It is a shame that there are still two points to do so. My goal for them? For the first time, I wanted to have the ball, really, to get the ball free to. But my body was just too fast. (smiling) On the second thought, I all of a sudden that it would be better to be using. Too bad that I’m not able to make it, that would have been possible too. But with the chances of peace mistrapte I’m in a little bit. Or, as I now have two tattoos, will have to be put on? I was with them smiling for the cameras, but who knows, I’ll do it, though.” (grinning)

Mignolet: “what’s more,”

Also, Simon Mignolet has played strong competition, and A point in Real, then you should be proud of it and proud of it”, is considered to be the city of Bruges, a breech-block. “But when you are 0-2, you want the three points. You have to know that they will be able to score, and they did it well, but we have been quiet since.”

Bottom Line On That? Mignolet: “We should be proud of the match that we’ve played. We have The Real display that we find ourselves in the Champions League and we have to take it to the next event. However, we had two matches at the head of our group, with six out of six, and that’s true.”

a Colleague goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois, it was a peaceful place to replace it. “I don’t know what’s going on. I hope everything is okay, and I hope Thibaut is after the game remains to be seen.”

More about Club Brugge Clubverdediger Simon, and He is keen on Instagram: “a big Thank you VAR to get the big clubs to be able to attack the Players, the coaches and the board of Club Brugge and greet the fans who have a tie to Real Madrid celebrate winning his ANALYSIS. The magic of Club Brugge in the city of Madrid, but still a bit disappointed) SPELERSBEOORDELINGEN. A lot of players at the Club, in Bruges, one of gebuisde at Real Madrid