Cannabidiol (or CBD) is a cannabinoid derived from hemp. This substance is one of the hundred molecules present in cannabis. It is essential not to confuse it with THC, a psychotropic drug illegal in France. Cannabidiol can be consumed legally and has been the subject of numerous scientific studies around the world for more than two decades. Safe and not causing addiction or hallucinatory effects, CBD can be used profitably in various ways in your daily life.

This natural substance is essentially known for its analgesic and anxiolytic effects. It thus constitutes a highly effective painkiller, which can equal traditional analgesics. CBD acts as a muscle relaxant which can reduce chronic pain (particularly muscle and joint pain). It is also able to calm migraines and nausea. For frequent use as an anti-inflammatory, the advice of a health specialist, although not obligatory, is nevertheless recommended. Discover CBD by consulting the products available in a reference online store.

Managing anxiety and depression is an important public health issue. Prescribed medications can have side effects that are disabling in daily life or lead to a situation of dependence. In this context, cannabidiol is of particular interest due to its ability to reduce stress and regulate mood. Several studies have demonstrated that CBD acts on brain serotonin receptors. This neurotransmitter plays a central role in our mood and intervenes in depression, eating disorders and sleep disorders.

The use of CBD proves very interesting here to visibly reduce the symptoms of depression as well as anxiety in everyday life. People prone to stress can use cannabidiol in small doses to calm down and feel more comfortable in various situations. Scientific studies have also attested to the effectiveness of cannabidiol in helping you fall asleep and improving the quality of sleep. Regular consumption for 30 days helps reduce nighttime awakenings and sleep more easily.

More generally, CBD exerts a wide spectrum of beneficial actions in our body. Its anti-inflammatory power goes hand in hand with a natural antioxidant effect. It is possible to use it in particular to reduce joint pain linked to arthritis, but also as part of regular sporting activity causing muscular micro-trauma.

The antioxidant capabilities of cannabidiol help regulate collagen production in the body. CBD also has protective powers against free radicals which cause oxidative stress and premature aging of cells. These effects are very useful for giving suppleness and radiance to the skin, counterbalancing certain environmental factors (such as the sun) which can damage the most fragile skin. CBD also helps reduce facial redness and acne.

Experimental treatments in different areas are being studied to allow other therapeutic uses of cannabidiol. This could sustainably improve the sleep of patients affected by Parkinson’s disease and reduce the less serious symptoms in people with schizophrenia.

To take advantage of all the benefits of CBD, a rigorous dosage is necessary. You can start with low doses, making sure that you do not have side effects (fatigue, loss of appetite). Depending on your needs, the frequency of cannabidiol intake can be adjusted subsequently.