Investors can purchase shares starting at $10 with a 10% ownership limit

A rare comic book is up for sale. Collectors have the opportunity to purchase fractional ownership.

Near-mint condition Batman No. The Batman No. 1 will go on sale mid-March for $1.8 million. However, there will be one caveat. Rally, an alternative asset investment platform, will allow interested parties to purchase up to 10% of the 180,000 shares.

Rob Petrozzo, cofounder and chief product office at Rally told FOX Business that the goal was to provide access to assets previously only available to the very wealthy.

Petrozzo stated that alternative assets were something the wealthy have always had easy access to and they have shown significant returns. Many of these outperform traditional investment vehicles. “But access to these assets has never been available before. What you see is a young, educated individual coming to our platform to make investments in things that they care about and understand.”

Rally launched in 2016 with a model Petrozzo claims every competitor copied based on the submission and fractional sharing process. You can buy shares in the company’s various assets, such as cars, whiskey and sports cards, or comic books.

Investors can purchase shares in any of these assets starting at $10 per share – with a cap at 10% to stop even more wealthy investors from buying the entire asset.

Petrozzo stated that mutual funds and ETFs can be great for certain types of investors, but an investor today – whether he or she is 21 or 25, or 30, – will have different needs than the previous generation. Our investors find it interesting to invest in something they know and something that is relevant now but will still be relevant in the future.

Rally began selling fractional ownership of comic books about a year ago. This included a copy the 1963 debut issue of Marvel’s X-Men No. 1 – Capped at $240,000, with $20 per share ownership.

Petrozzo stated that the company offered ownership last year in Amazing Fantasy No. 15 – The first appearance of Spider-Man. Batman No. The Batman No. 1 will be on sale with a condition rating 8/10. It includes Catwoman and the Joker’s first appearance. There are only 7 copies of this book in existence that are comparable or better quality.

This valuation comes after the sale of Superman’s first appearance as Superman in 1938’s Action Comics No. According to the Hollywood Reporter, 1, sold at Heritage Auctions for $3.18million.

The comic will be displayed in a museum. 
New York City The comic will be displayed for investors at a larger location in Soho on Broadway.