To protect newborn baby, deer runs out of woods


A mom from Ohio and her 5-week old son were playing outside in the back yard.

Oh, deer!

After hearing a crying baby, a momma deer ran out of the woods. A TikTok video shows.

Charlie Burton, Hanna Burton’s 5-week-old son, was outside their Ohio home when Charlie saw the deer.

Burton became protective after seeing Charlie run out of the woods and pick up Charlie.

“Nope! Nope! The video shows the mother calling out to the deer. She tells the deer, “This is my child.” Burton tells Charlie, “She thinks that you’re her child.”

The TikTok wild encounter posted on Friday was viewed over 16 million times.

Burton came up with a clever caption: “When your baby starts crying outside, you almost have to throw down and fight with a momma Deer.”