The Finance Bill 2023 adopted on November 4 introduces several changes aimed at reforming French taxation. It goes without saying that the economic and financial climate, both in France and around the world, has radically changed since before Covid…

One of the fundamental principles of this text would be “tax equity”, which would mean that the State aims to collect more revenue from a greater diversity of economic actors, according to La Nouvelle Tribune. This would result in particular in the disappearance of several tax incentives from which certain niche sectors had benefited until then. There would also be a unification and harmonization of tax rates.

In addition, a reassessment of the progressive scale of income tax takes place each year, based on the increase in consumer prices excluding tobacco, also called inflation. Regarding the 2023 scale, it has been increased by 5.4%. This rate would correspond to the inflation forecast for that same year, as reported by Que-choisir. If your salary did not follow the same increase, then you would pay less tax this year than last!

The period during which you can still modify the data on your tax return is coming to an end: indeed, if you realize that you have made a mistake or have omitted important information and you complete your return online, you have until the 15th December to correct the situation.

Find below the other key deadlines for the month of December in terms of taxes, according to impots.gouv.