Criticism of Corona-measures – cultural professionals Berset further BriefDie letter of support payments by the Federal Council to help the Wrong, say it in a Letter. “We now need a non-bureaucratic, quick, and workable solution”, appeal to writers and Directors.0 comments on”Who deserved to date a lot, get a lot of”, it says in the Letter to Berset. Keystone

for culture professionals criticize the measures the Federal Council in an open letter to the Corona. The support measures for the victims of the lock downs, not benefit just those who need it most.

“The up to now offered to measures taken by the Confederation and the cantons fail to achieve the promise to protect the Vulnerable. Who deserved so far a lot, gets a lot,” said the letter, which was released on Wednesday. Is signed by the writers, Monica Cantieni, and Bettina Spoerri (also curator), the writer Sunil man, as well as the writer and Director, Rudolph Jula.

So, who lived in precarious conditions and thus has little time to form layers, is something many creators of culture, from the Corona-the purchase of a replacement in compensation so far, only very small amounts, it is said in the letter.

Who to make a request, would read: “There is no remedy,” or another: “There is no legal claim” – or also: “There is no possibility for re-consideration is”. Even those who submission for cantonal Provide proper evidence of lost income, have no responsibility to get the appropriate compensation, it means more. Artists would be deprived of this legal status’ and supplicants degraded.

Less bureaucracy is required

The administrative effort is enormous, the cost-Benefit ratio uneconomic, and as a result, the existing inequality to the power of. The previous measures were also in a social sense. The assistance offered could in fact be with the given set of rules from the majority of the culture is not taken make.

“We now need a non-bureaucratic, quick, and workable solution,” appeal to the cultural sector to the Federal Council. “In order to avoid the huge administrative burden and at the same time, the help they need, we propose a fixed amount of at least 2300 francs, without definition of a minimum income over a period of six months.”

As a template, the model of the military could serve for the purchase of a replacement order, it is said in the letter to the state government.


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