To verurteiltRifaat because of money laundering – Assad’s uncle in Paris, imprisonment, al-Assad has been found guilty of, between 1996 and 2016, the band of moderately public funds from Syria washed.0 KommentareRifaat al-Assad, an uncle of the Syrian President, Assad, has been sentenced by a Paris court to four years in prison. Photo: Keystone/Michel Euler

sentenced to An uncle of the Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad is from a Paris court to four years in prison has been. In addition, the real estate assets of Rifaat al is going to seized-Assad, the AFP news Agency reported on Wednesday from the courtroom.

Accordingly, the court al-Assad declared guilty between 1996 and 2016, the band of moderately public funds from Syria washed. Al-Assad have built in a fraudulent manner, a real-estate Empire.

The assets was estimated according to the report, around 90 million Euro. The 82-year-old uncle of Bashar al-Assad was not published, therefore, before the court. The financial public Prosecutor’s office had demanded in December 2019, four years in prison and a fine of ten million Euro.

He protested his innocence

Rifaat al-Assad had rejected, according to previous data, the accusations. He had to leave Syria in 1984 after a coup attempt against his brother Hafez, the long-time rulers of Syria and father of the current President. Rifaat was for a long self to the leadership of the country, where he troops as a commander of the elite for several atrocities responsible. He rejected for later on any responsibility.

in Spain, the justice was in the case of Rifaat al-Assad, actively. At the end of last year, a judge at the National state proposed court of justice, against the 82-Year-old and 13 others for alleged money a criminal case Laundry initiate.


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