Head of the day – The “Sebastian Kurz of the North” pays LehrgeldDer 27-year-old CDU-Achiever Philip Amthor has to register as a Lobbyist for a dazzling New York-based Start-up clamping.Opinion Dominique Eigenmann from Berlin0 KommentareHat from his old-fashioned conservative Look of a successful brand: The CDU member of Parliament Philip Amthor.Photo: Keystone

at Least in the social media Philip Amthor is a Star. This has a lot to do with his appearance: With his chiseled skull, the neighing Laugh, the side parting and the stiff suits of the 27 acts-Year-old as the caricature of a British Young-Conservatives of the 80s. Amthor has cultivated its old-fashioned Look sent, to make a brand out of himself. The ridicule of their political opponents took advantage of him more than he hurt him.

Quickly, the Jurist went on to become one of the few young hopes of the CDU. Thanks to his rhetorical Talent, his Jovialität and his tough Law-and-Order course he was elected three years ago, as a class, the youngest in the Bundestag. The talk shows of the German television began regularly to invite in the social media, he polarized as desired. He started to be Chairman in his home country, in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Amthor aroused hope for more. “Sebastian Kurz of the North” called him some in the CDU with regard to the 33-year-old Austrian Chancellor.

But now get the paint of the young Celestial first scratch. The “Spiegel” found out that the young Deputy York-based Start-up companies was as a Lobbyist for a New Hoop. Amthor opened Augustus Intelligence doors to the CDU-led Ministry of Economics in Berlin, and was rewarded with a directorship and 2817 stock options.

His work for the interests of Augustus seems to have been appreciated. “A hot guy” was to Amthor, it was called internally. The politicians, in turn, said the illustrious conservative circle, in the business, he joined them: The former defense Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg, Ex-the protection of the Constitution CEO Hans-Georg Maassen, and the Ex-BND bashing-in-chief August Hanning in a bid for the company. We met in the swanky Hotels in New York, St. Moritz, or on the island of Corsica, champagne and private jet included.

Whether Amthor was therefore in breach of the MEPs act, is now being investigated. The Director of the post was unpaid, he was in the Bundestag administration, within the deadline, the options pursuant to the applicable legislation did not have to declare location. Who paid for his travel and whether they must be reported as a donation could have, is unclear. The politician even described his trip to lobby the wonders of the country as a “mistake,” finished his work for Augustus, gave back the options and put his office in a Committee of inquiry, which is, among other things, about the work of Maassen.

The experience with lobbying scandals in German politics teaches that even in the case of more direct forms of misconduct as those of the young Amthor rarely something gets stuck, resulting in damage to the reputation permanently. The CDU should comply, as a response to the case in their own ranks now, but to tighten up the wax soft rules for lobbyists in the Bundestag, it would certainly be quite surprising.

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