Deceptions in all departments. Manufacturers tend to oversell a product, or even lie about its origin, to make you want to buy it at the supermarket. The Foodwatch association regularly denounces its practices, which are even more present at Christmas, but visible throughout the year. Questioned by Planet, Camille Doroz – in charge of campaigns within the association – explains that there are several schemes on the side of the industrialists, which can be listed in four categories.

If these scams are on the shelf, others are directly on the product label. As Capital explains, the Directorate General for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Prevention (DGCCRF) has noted numerous frauds on party products, but not only, in these recent scores. Food fraud “would make it possible to extract the equivalent of 30 billion euros from the agri-food industry every year”, adds the specialized site.

While it is necessary to be vigilant with all the products on the shelf, some must attract your attention even more, as they are the target of many food scams. Find out which ones below.